Project Management
  • Review with the selected Builder and approve detailed proposal for the Schedule of Works.
  • Monitor the progress achieved periodically vis-?-vis the accepted schedule. Trouble shoot causes of delays, if any and suggest remedial action.
  • Arrange for all necessary inspection and testing of construction materials and plant and acceptance tests after installation.
  • Monitor and supervise the Works to ensure that the works are executed in accordance with the Contract, Drawings and Specifications.
  • Monitor that the specified material quality and workmanship standards are achieved during the execution of the Work.
  • Submit periodical reports regarding all the above aspects with supportive documents and photographs.
  • Scrutinize and certify periodical payments for the works executed.
  • Manage the Contract throughout the period of construction in terms of any variations, delays, non compliance, etc.
  • Take all steps to receive the Project on behalf of the client and ensure that all obligations of the Contract are fulfilled by the Contractor.
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